1. No punching, kicking, or shoving of humans or zombies. Runners who violate the rule will be disqualified and removed from the Mandan Zombie Run.
  2. Human and Zombie Runners MUST wear their race bibs clearly and visibly on the front of their shirt/attire. If we can’t see your bib, you can’t run in the Mandan Zombie Run.
  3. No weapons are allowed on the premises. For safety and peace of mind of all present, this includes replica weapons as well.
  4. No Runners, Zombies or Spectators visibly intoxicated will be allowed to participate in the event. Alcohol on premise is NOT allowed.
  5. We recommend participants be at least 12 years old.
  6. Do NOT bring strollers, bikes, skateboards, animals or wheeled equipment not required for participant mobility.
  7. Stay on the course. Course will be easily marked for you to run.
  8. The Mandan Zombie Run is a non-smoking event.
  9. 17 years old or younger needs parent or guardian consent Download (PDF)